Smartfeld Camps

Discover the world of bots and chatbots, interact with the social robot "Lexi" and develop your own chatbot together with colleagues.

In cooperation with the Smartfeld, we offer a "chatbot" workshop for secondary school classes. This interactive learning environment enables children to explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and at the same time to gain playful access to the future field of human-machine interaction. 

Our workshop is based on dialogue-oriented systems used in combination with social robots. These robots can not only show emotions, but also understand them to a certain extent. This gives Artificial Intelligence a human-like face and opens up completely new possibilities of interaction for the children.

Girls in particular find the programming of dialogue-oriented systems and chatbots with natural language an extremely creative and inspiring task. We want to encourage girls to discover their interest in technology and get them excited about programming. The development of chatbots offers a unique opportunity to develop their talent and create innovative solutions.

In our "Chatbot" workshop, school children can programme their own chatbots and learn about the many uses of this technology. They are encouraged to unleash their creativity and give their chatbots personality and individual characteristics. Through the playful approach, the children not only gain valuable programming skills, but also a deeper understanding of the potentials and challenges of Artificial Intelligence.

Who: Classes from secondary schools, technical colleges and vocational schools (no programming knowledge necessary) 

When: can be booked individually

Where: Startfeld Innovation Centre, St.Gallen

Costs: CHF 150.00 per school class

Registration: via the registration form in the course announcement