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Artificial Intelligence in Education: Vision, Strategies, Exploration, Design, Implementation and Evaluation

An overarching development trend is that digitalisation is becoming increasingly advanced and driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Advanced systems have the ability to understand, actively use and optimise data. In the public debate, the focus has mainly been on the substitution of human labour by smart machines and the associated job losses. However, it is very important to focus on how humans and smart machines complement each other, how they interact with each other and what comparative advantages arise from the cooperation of humans and smart machines. The Institute for Educational Management and Technologies (IBB-HSG) has therefore chosen augmentation as the guiding principle for its design-oriented research and development in the context of the digital transformation in education.

The following four work fields are in focus at the IBB-HSG:

Development of digital competences of educational professionals, i.e. the ability and willingness to cope with the digital transformation in the economy and society.

Empowering educational professionals to help shape the digital transformation and to promote people's digital competences.

Researching and working on projects to encourage girls and women in the field of gender and technology to be able to win young talent and managers for future fields in the area of data science and AI as well as tech talent development.

Research and project work on new, advanced technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, as long as they enable new innovative teaching and learning scenarios.

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