Digital Competences

Development of digital competences for educational professionals in order to actively shape the digital transformation in the economy and society.

Developing digital competences for education professionals, in particular the ability and willingness to manage the digital transformation in the economy and society. Complementary competences are becoming increasingly important and a special focus is being placed on new competences in the AI age: AI Literacy, AI Thinking or newly also "Prompting Skills" in dealing with ChatGPT as generative AI.

MOOCs take a modern, learner-centred approach. Through flexibility, digital storytelling, gamification and peer learning, learners are placed at the centre of the i-MOOC. The IBB-HSG has developed two complete online courses for learners at upper secondary level: 1) i-MOOC for building information competence and 2) i-MOOC for application-oriented building of basic knowledge for designing school work.

Further information about the "i-MOOC" can be found on the project homepage.

ChatGPT has attracted a lot of media attention because of its impressive natural language capabilities. It can understand, generate and respond to text. Since dealing with ChatGPT is not easy, it requires clear communication and the provision of correct information to get accurate and reliable responses.

For this reason, the IBB-HSG, together with SCIL, has produced a "Prompting Guide" which covers the following four key areas: 1) Machine intelligence of generative AI, 2) Competences in dealing with generative AI, 3) Developing prompting expertise and 4) Developing prompting meta-competences. 

Here you can download the "Prompting Guide" to optimise your handling of ChatGPT and get useful tips on how to use the chatbot effectively.