our teaching approach

We don't only want to impart knowledge, we want to develop competences.

Primarily, we want to develop competences and not just impart knowledge and facts. The training in business education at the University of St.Gallen is an important contribution to this.

Teachers increasingly move in parallel worlds. On the one hand, they interact with students who use the internet and educate themselves informally (e.g. through Google, Wikipedia and YouTube). On the other hand, they also have to cope with the changes in organisational logic in VET schools.

It is the responsibility of teachers and education professionals to further develop their digital competences. This does not only include the selection of suitable digital tools or the teaching of technical content on digitalisation. It also requires fundamental discourses on how we organise learning to prepare learners for an on-going changing world and to take them along the path of continuous change.

Therefore, we look at teacher education and training in more than just an isolated way. We are interested in innovative approaches to the flexible design of learning opportunities across educational levels in order to promote and shape a culture of mutual learning.