AI in Education Lab

... researches the use of generative AI in educational processes and investigates how these new technologies can be developed and used.

In the AI in Education Lab, together with Prof. Dr Siegfried Handschuh (ICS-HSG), we are investigating in an interdisciplinary team to find out how we can use AI for educational processes. A special focus is on researching generative AI: How can these new technologies be developed and used for educational processes?

In general, the developments around ChatGPT show that this is a new category of AI and machine learning, which can be called generative AI based on large language models. Generative AI is a new technology that uses deep learning to generate human-like content (e.g. images, words) in response to complex and varied prompts (e.g. languages, instructions, questions).

New book project at Schaeffer-Poeschel Verlag to be published in the 1st quarter of 2024.

Working title: "Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human-Machine Augmentation - Basic Understanding, Management of Innovations and Impact on Economy and Society".

Editors: Sabine Seufert & Siegfried Handschuh

Siegfried Handschuh

Siegfried Handschuh

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