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In this course, first-semester students are introduced to the basics of academic writing and research. Special emphasis is placed on the ethically responsible and competent use of generative AI such as ChatGPT.

contextual subjects

In this course, the focus is on "Future Work in the Metaverse". Students work on questions in research projects following a discovery tour and are in exchange with guest speakers from the field.

In this course, students coach participating lecturers in the use of digital tools with the aim of creating engaging blended learning scenarios. This win-win situation offers benefits to both students and lecturers: Students can develop their digital skills, while lecturers get new ideas for their courses and possibly learn about new digital tools.

WIP√ĄD Education

In this course, the students will take their first step into teaching practice. They gain insights into the planning work of teachers and apply parts of the process model of didactic planning to lesson preparation (Euler & Hahn, 2014). In addition, the students practise teaching lessons. They will work on knowledge structures in teaching conversations and reflect their behaviour as a teacher afterwards. Furthermore, a job shadowing will allow the students to gain first insights into school practice in a real school setting.

In the field of education management, the focus is on the control and organisation of educational processes in various educational sectors such as schools, universities, companies and other educational organisations. In the two courses, the focus is on corporate education management as well as the educational and didactic professionalism of teachers and those responsible for education. Educational management takes place on the macro, meso and micro levels of an organisation and thus also influences decisions in the field of didactics. The courses are based on normative and strategic foundations and include the examination of central issues as well as discussions on practical fields of application, with special attention being paid to company and vocational school contexts. In addition, current challenges in education management are also considered.

In the course "Current Topics in Business Didactics", Master's students work on design research projects to design, test and evaluate educational technologies. Special focus is placed on generative AI.

Both at university and in everyday working life, cooperation in groups is becoming more and more common. Moderation plays a significant role in structuring and improving group communication. In this course, the focus is on digitally supported moderation and presentation methods in order to teach students how to use digital media alongside traditional tools. The course teaches basic presentation and moderation techniques that students can actively apply in concrete communication situations.

In various educational contexts such as schools, universities and companies, those responsible for education are increasingly taking on the role of learning facilitators. Instead of giving instructions, the focus is on promoting self-organised learning. Feedback and coaching are crucial techniques for education professionals. In the company context, it is important to assess the performance and potential of employees and to support them in their development. In the school context, feedback is a central feature for an environment conducive to learning. The aim of the course is to prepare students for feedback conversations and coaching processes in order to successfully manage social and communicative demands in different situations.