Training in Business Education

Additional qualification for students who enjoy teaching and designing interaction processes and who are interested in educational issues and innovative practice design in educational organisations.

As experts in didactics and pedagogy, educational management and human resources development, graduates of the business education programme have access to a wide range of professional fields.

At high schools and vocational schools, our graduates teach in the subject area of economics and law, in companies they take care of the conception, implementation and evaluation of training and further education measures or deal with strategic questions of education management.

The business education degree is an additional qualification that can only be obtained in conjunction with a university Master's degree. The study programme in business education can be started during the Bachelor's degree, when entering the Master's level or as additional training following the Master's degree.

Our training in business education has a two-stage study structure:

Stage 1

The first level of training focuses on the development of didactic, pedagogical-psychological and social-communicative skills in different fields of activity. It prepares students optimally for an occupation in corporate education or personnel management.

Stage 2

The second training level is aimed at deepening (subject) didactic competences and practical teaching skills. It is aimed at all those students who wish to pursue a career as a teacher of economics and law at secondary level II or as a member of the school board member.

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Testimonial WIPÄD-Students I [german only]

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Testimonial WIPÄD-Students II [german only]

Booklet / Guideline Training in Business Education [german only]

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Training in business education

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