HSG Camps

Camps for young people at the SQUARE (HSG)

Go on a journey through time - how will learning be like in the future? How can learning take place in innovative, open learning spaces like SQUARE (HSG)? What can smart learning environments with augmented and mixed realities offer in classrooms in the future? How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) and "smart tools" assist us in learning?

Start with a Discovery Tour and discover the future of learning: try out our social robots Lexi and Nao, our chatbot Tubo as a smart assistant and other smart tools that can help you write texts, create avatar-based video tutorials or learn a new language. In the Design Studio, you can design the future today, just like in a Makerspace. Develop your own ideas for the future of learning in a team. The best ideas will be awarded and the winning teams will receive attractive prizes.

Peer Learning: On your journey through time, Discovery Tour and Design Studio, you will be accompanied by students from the Business Education and Computer Science departments of the University of St. Gallen.

Who: Young people aged 15 and over

When: once in spring and autumn

Where: At the SQUARE (HSG)

Costs: None, food will be provided

Registration: please send us an e-mail to ibbhsgunisg.ch


The Spring Camp is a non-profit initiative of the Institute for Educational Management and Technologies (IBB-HSG), Prof. Dr. Sabine Seufert, and the Institute of Computer Science (ICS-HSG), Prof. Dr. Siegfried Handschuh, at the University of St.Gallen.

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