Gender & Technology - Tech Talent Development

Promotion of girls and women in the field of Gender & Technology.

In the Gender & Technology field we research and work on projects to promote girls and women in order to be able to win young talent and (future) managers for future fields in data science and AI as well as Tech Talent Development. Studies (including our own studies on ICT) show that girls have a lower self-concept about their abilities in dealing with computers. There is a risk that women and girls - although strongly represented in the education sector - are not able to shape the future of digital transformation in education enough. The state of research is therefore to develop, test and evaluate targeted measures together with young women.

The shortage of skilled workers in the ICT sector is significant and it is estimated that there will be a gap of 38,700 ICT professionals by 2030. The research group that has been founded together with Prof. Dr. Patrick Emmenegger wants to understand which factors lead to an education/apprenticeship position being perceived as attractive by school students. In particular, the influence of information and communication technologies (ICT) on the perceived attractiveness is being investigated. 

Further information on ICT-VET-Research can be found on the project homepage.